43 films to premiere at Seoul International Pride Film Festival

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The Seoul International Pride Film Festival, focusing on films dealing with LGBTQ+ themes, is set to kick off for a seven-day run from Nov. 2 at the CGV Cine Library in Myeong-dong, central Seoul.

This year, a total of 116 films from 39 countries around the world will be screened throughout the festivities. Among the lineup, 27 films will be world premieres.

The 2023 SIPFF will open with "Femme," directed by Sam H. Freeman and Ng Choon Ping.

"Femme" revolves around around drag queen artist Jules (Nathan Stewart-Jarrett). Jules is exposed to a homophobic attack on the street and later encounters Preston (George Mackay), one of the attackers, at a gay sauna. While Preston does not recognize him, Jules plans his revenge against Preston, before the two begin to fall in love.

This year's SIPFF saw an increase in the number of domestic submissions.

"In the past, most queer films were merely saying 'our love is no different,' but these days, the range of genres that South Korean queer films cover has extended to horror, thriller, comedy and human drama," said Kim Jho Gwang-soo, executive chairperson of SIPFF.

Along with Amnesty International Korea, 2023 SIPFF will present seven films dealing with rights issues of social and sexual minorities during the Open Pride section.

Tickets are priced at 10,000 won each and can be bought online through CGV or at the site. A book titled "The Collection of the Korean Queer Cinema," which introduces South Korea's LGBTQ+ film history in English, will also be available on site.

Visit the event organizer's website at www.sipff.kr for more details.